Alexander Technique Lessons and workshops in Cincinnati and the Tri-State area with Claire Rechnitzer

Relieve & Prevent

  • common aches &pains
  • musculoskeletal wear & tear
  • tightness & compression
  • stress & fatigue

  • posture
  • coordination
  • breathing
  • ​balance & stability

​​​Postural Education for Pain Relief, Poise & Performance


For People of any Age, Occupation and Physical Ability

  • energy
  • endurance
  • agility
  • composure

Alexander Technique teaches people to stop harmful habits of posture and movement that cause pain, stiffness, or fatigue.  It is taught by means of gentle hands-on guidance that provides structural support and tactile feedback, giving people a new ‘feel for the road’. 

Most people experience feeling taller, steadier, looser and calmer even after a first lesson.  Once you get the hang of it – better habits of bearing and coordination become second nature. Over time, many types of discomfort are reduced or eliminated, freeing you to engage in your daily activities with ease and composure.