Alexander Technique Lessons and workshops in Cincinnati and the Tri-State area with Claire Rechnitzer

Upcoming Workshops: 

Contact me about scheduling group workshops or presentations at your workplace, school or other venue. Topics can be tailored to your needs and curiosity.  Previous workshops include:  

  • Getting Up on the Right Side of the Bed: A workshop dedicated better sleep and preventing morning stiffness and achiness. 
  • Walking the Alexander Way: A workshop designed to help people reap all the benefits that walking can offer while putting a spring in their step and a smile on their face.
  • Ergonomic Improv: How to make make the most of work-station space,  use ergonomic devices effectively and find biomechanical solutions to workplace demands. 
  • Act Naturally: Lose your 'tells', avoid being type-cast and find the structural support that can help you strut across a raked stage in stilettos, affect a limp or portray a hunchback without hurting yourself. 
  • Perform with Poise: Get a better grip on your instrument, props or voice to get rid of musculoskeletal tensions and command your audience with ease and self-assurance


Alexander Technique for Posture, Poise & Performance

A 6-session class for adults of all fitness abilities, introducing the history and basic principles of the technique. Participants will gain a hands-on experience of tools and practices they can immediately apply to their own everyday activities.   

Thursdays, 6:60-8:30 PM July 12th through Aug 16th

Info and registration at UC's Communiversity, course # 4354

New! Alexander Technique for Actors
Long regarded as "the actors' secret advantage", this small-group introductory workshop is for actors who want to know what the Alexander Technique is. Participants will explore postural support and expression in action and learn some take-home practices that can be performed and applied on one's own. 
Thursday, 6:60-8:30 PM Aug 23rd
Info and registration at UC's Communiversity, course #161051